The Town

Synagogue in Podkamien.

Podkamien is a small town in Poland, formally of the province of Galicia and currently located near the town of Brody, Ukraine.

Podkamien means “at the foot of the rock,” with kamien meaning “rock” and “pod” meaning foot. Podkamien takes its name from the town’s two overhanging rocks, under which a church was built.


  • Pre-WWI: Podkamien is under Austrian rule.
  • 1916-1920: Podkamieners evacuated to Austria or Hungary. After the war, many inhabitants emigrated.
  • Post-WWI: Poland is reconstituted and Podkamien returns to Polish control.
  • 1939: Russia takes over the area of Poland where Podkamien is located. Russia and Germany split Poland between themselves in the Molitov-Ribbentrop pact.
  • 1941: Germany invades Podkamien and breaks the pact.
  • 1942: The remaining Jewish community is deported to the Brody Ghetto.
  • 1943: Brody Ghetto is liquidated. Inhabitants are taken to the Majdanek concentration camp.
  • 1944: Podkamien is liberated by the Soviet Union.

(Photo: Podkamien memorial in Israel)

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One thought on “The Town

  1. I have been searching for my families origins for a long time, with no success. An author who is a FB friend suggested Podkamien. I did not even know of its existence! My family’s surname is Podkaminsky, given name Berl.

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