Mark Geller


Mark Geller, in the DP Camp in Germany.

Mark Geller was born in 1931 near Podkamien, Poland. Mark’s father was a shoemaker and the family, including older sister Lottie, lived in an apartment in Podkamien.

When the Germans invaded and the ghetto moved to the nearby town of Brody, Mark and his family fled from Podkamien. At first Mark’s father paid a Ukrainian to hide them until the war was over. Once the Ukrainian received the money, Lottie heard the man calling the German police, alerting them that he was hiding Jews.

The Gellers immediately left their hiding spot and spent the next 16 months hiding in the woods. Mark’s father led a group of five or six families that lived together in the woods.

After the war, Mark’s father was taken to a working camp in Russia. A year later the family was reunited and lived in a DP camp in Germany until emigrating to the US in 1952.

Mark moved to Queens, NY and worked in the trucking business for most of his career. He has two sons with his wife, Vera.

Mark passed away in March 2017.

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