Malcia Geller

Malcia Geller was born in December 1922 to Mordechai and Basia Tau. She had one older brother, Sam Tau. All but Mordechai survived the war.

Malcia met Israel Geller while hiding in the woods and the couple were liberated together in 1944. They later married in the DP camp in Fahrenwald, Germany in 1947. The couple moved to America in 1949, where Malcia worked at a clothing factory. The Gellers have two children, Marty and Ellen (Kamaras). Malcia passed away in March 1999.

(photo left, left to right) Malcia with a friend. (photo right, left to right) Basia Tau, Malcia Geller, Israel Geller.


Written by Malcia Geller in German in 1962. Translated by Ziegfried Lobel in August 2011.

  • Lived in Podkamien.
  • June 1941: Germans came in, had to don the Jewish Star immediately and work. Capable Jews were conscripted into slave labor work details.
  • After a short while, we were relegated to the Ghetto Brody, which could not be left under penalty of death.
  • Stayed in Brody until December 1942. Transferred to the ZAL-Podkamien-Lacki and kept under virtual prison status until 1943.
  • Shortly before the Lacki’s Lager liquidation, we escaped and hid in the neighboring forests.
  • May 1943: My father was shot by the German’s.
  • Spring 1944: Liberated by the Russians.
  • 1946-1948: When the war ended, I went to Germany and lived in the DP (detained persons) Camp Fuerenwald until my emigration to the United States.

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