Israel Geller

Israel Geller was born in January 1908 to Yaakov and Malka Geller. The Gellers worked as grain merchants and their family business extended to selling all kinds of grains, from the local villages to the merchants in Brody.

Israel was one of four Geller siblings, including Aaron, Sarah and Ettel. Yaakov, Malka and Aaron all passed away before WWII and Ettel emigrated to Canada before the war.

Israel married Zelda Schor and had one child with her. Zelda and the child were killed during the war as well as Israel’s sister, Sarah.

Israel met Malcia Tau while hiding in the woods and the couple were liberated together in 1944. They later married in the DP camp in Fahrenwald, Germany in 1947. The couple moved to America in 1949, where Israel worked at a raincoat factory. The Gellers have two children, Marty and Ellen (Kamaras). Israel passed away in February 1997.

(left to right) Shmiel (Sam) Tau, Basia Tau, Malcia Geller, Israel Geller.

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