Fay and Josh Geller


Josh, Fay and mother Sarah Geller in Germany, 1948.

Fay (Brandwein) and Josh Geller were born in Podkamien, Poland to parents Sarah and Aaron Geller. Sarah and Aaron worked in a store, which they inherited from Sarah’s grandfather when the two got married.

When the Russians invaded, the Gellers’ store was liquidated and Sarah was forced to work as a cashier in the cooperative.

Sarah, Josh and Fay were eventually moved to the Brody ghetto where they lived in one big room amongst many neighbors from their town. Aaron was taken to a labor camp and never returned.

When the Germans announced a pending Judenfrei or “cleansing of the Jews” in 1943, the three fled the ghetto and spent the next 11 months hiding in the forest, constantly moving from bunker to bunker until they were liberated in March 1944.

After liberation, the three moved around to different towns in Poland. Sarah, a business woman, started businesses wherever they went to pay for a place to stay and food to eat.  They eventually decided to move to the DP camps in Germany but were stuck at the Czechoslovakian border due to illegitimate papers. After six months, they were finally let in to Germany where they lived in the DP camp Fahrenwald until emigrating to America in 1951.

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