Benny Brody

Benny Brody (bottom) as a child in Podkamien, Poland.

Benny Brody was born in Podkamien, Poland in 1939. His father owned a glass warehouse with his five siblings.

When Benny’s father saw all of the *Aktions that were taking place in Brody, he took his family and fled to the forest. The family, including Benny’s mother and sister hid in a house until one day the Germans and Ukrainians discovered them and began shooting at the house.

Benny and his father ran towards the forest, his mother and sister ran the other way. After a few hours, Benny’s father went looking for the rest of his family, only to discover that his wife and daughter had been killed. This was just three months before the end of the war. Benny and his father spent the rest of the war hiding in the forest with the Partisans.

Benny and his father spent time in various DP camps before emigrating to Israel in 1949. Benny’s father lost all of his siblings during the war but still had one sister who had moved to Israel before the war. Benny and his father settled in Israel with Benny’s aunt.

Benny is now retired and lives in Netanya, Israel with his wife, Malka. The couple have three daughters.

(left) Benny Brody and Malka at their wedding.
(right) The couple's three daughters.

*An Aktion is a term used for any non-military campaign to further Nazi ideals of race, but most often referred to the assembly and deportation of Jews to concentration or death camps. Credit:

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