Abraham Shapira

Abraham Shapira.

Abraham Shapira was born in 1907 in Podkamien, Poland to Michael Zindel and Rivka Shapira. He is one of four Shapira children including older sister Clara and younger siblings Geniya and Arie.

Abraham was a rabbinical student as well as a member of the B’nei Akiva Zionist movement. He also taught Hebrew at Podkamien’s Cheder or Jewish school.

A passionate Zionist, Abraham emigrated to Israel in 1932. He later married Rina (from Kielce, Poland) and had two children, Aviva and Yosi.

Throughout his life, Abraham always remembered and honored his hometown of Podkamien, Poland. He wrote a manuscript detailing life in Podkamien entitled, “My Shtetl Podkamien,” and dedicated it to his brother Arie, who was murdered by Ukrainians as he was walking home the day the war broke out. Abraham also helped establish the Podkamien memorial plaque at the Yad Vashem center in Israel.

(left) Rina and Abraham Shapira with another couple at the Podkamien memorial at Yad Vashem in Israel.


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